Meet our Staff

Meet our Staffx

The staff of R+E work closely with patient and medical provider to ensure the greatest possible care for each client.

Our physician and Principal Investigator is Infectious Disease Staff Physician and Director of the HIV clinic at Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center, and our nurses have over 30 years of combined work experience on HIV alone.

Our staff helps to provide the latest HIV research and disease education to other healthcare practitioners, and the medical providers with whom we work care for over 70 percent of those currently receiving HIV medical care in the state of Oregon.

Listed below are members of R+E’s Board of Directors.

R+E Press Release, 4-5-10
Dr. Sampson retires 

  R+E Staff | Administrative

R+E | Principal Investigator

Dale Sattergren

Dale Sattergren
Administrative Assistant

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Norma MartinezNorma Martinez, RN, BSN
Project Coordinator

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Steven PiersonSteven Pierson
Oregon AETC Program Manager

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Judith RussoJudith Russo
Research Assistant

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Susan UtterbackSusan Utterback, CPA

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Dr. Melissa Murphy

Melissa Murphy, MD
Principal Investigator

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R&E Staff | Nurse Investigators
Suzanne Sweek

Suzanne Sweek, RN, BSN, CCRC
Study Coordinator

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R+E | Founder

Dr. Jim Sampson

A Tribute to Our Founder

Jim Sampson, MD
Retired Medical Director; see the press release x

Jim is the founder of the Research + Education Group (R+E) as well as the former Principal Investigator and Executive Director



  Board of Directors

Thomas T. Ward, MD, Chair

Chief, Infectious Diseases
VA Medical Center
PO Box 1034
Portland, OR 97239

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Mike MacVeigh, MD

Chief, Infectious Diseases
VA Medical Center
PO Box 1034
Portland, OR 97239

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Karen Berry, JD, MSW

Senior Attorney
VA Office of Regional Counsel
1220 SW Third Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

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As a non-profit agency (501c3), the R+E Group is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

The R+E Board consists of people who have given of their time over the years to learning more about HIV and finding ways to address issues of living with the disease and its co-infections. Our Board members share not only a dedication to the best in treatment for those living with HIV, but many are world-class infectious disease physicians.

Diana Antoniskis, MD

Immune Deficiency Clinic
Kaiser Permanente
3550 N. Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97227

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Douglas Beers, MD

Legacy Clinic at Emanuel
2800 N. Vancouver, Suite 230
Portland, OR 97227

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