Healthcare Professionals

The R+E Group is one member of a community-based research consortium that is able to gain access to Clinical Trials for your patients while you maintain control over their care. The R+E Group collaborates directly with you, providing some or all of your patients’ laboratory measurements, clinical analyses, and study drug, if part of the clinical trial. 

The R+E Group’s health care staff has many years’ experience in HIV care, and can provide resources and referrals for you or directly to your patient.  We offer free patient HIV consultations, as well as free patient Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) testing. 

Whether your patient is newly diagnosed with HIV or they’ve had the disease a long time, please call and speak to a Research Nurse to discuss Clinical Trial and Research information that could be pertinent to them. Our phone numbers are (503) 229-8428 or toll-free (800) 875-8428.

The R+E Group also provides fellow clinicians with education and information on best practices in HIV+ and AIDS health care and research. Speak with an AIDS Education and Training Center representative to schedule Provider training and education programs in your area. And no matter what your health care specialty, be it Primary Care, Dental, or Mental Health (among many others), we may be able to schedule Provider training and education in your area. Please call us at (503) 229-8428 or toll-free at (800) 875-8428.